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Project Life


Getting Started

The very basics that you need to complete an album are:

  1. 12x12 Binder
  2. Project Life Core Kit
  3. Big Pack of Photo Pocket Pages

*NOTE: These 3 items are sold separately. There is NO FULL KIT. You get to choose which Project Life items best suits your style + your needs.

Once you have those items, you are ready to get started. Flip through these slides for tips on how to put it all together, step by step. Don't let the number of slides intimidate you. The process is super simple but we know that detailed pictures help, so that's exactly what we did. You can click on the arrows or use your left/right arrow keys on your keyboard to flip through the slides.

  • Project Life - Getting Started
  • Project Life - Step 1

    The basic components you need to complete a full scrapbook are a

    12x12 Binder + Project Life Core Kit + Big Pack of Photo Pocket Pages

    Of course you'll need your photos and a pen for journaling. That's it. You will not need any other tools or supplies or gadgets... not even scissors!


    This is Megan with the Cherry Edition. You will see the Cherry Edition of Project Life throughout these slides but of course you have several other editions to choose from and these step-by-step tips apply to any edition. The Project Life products are the same - just different graphic design options.

  • Project Life - Step 2

    The first step is to open up your Big Pack of Photo Pocket Pages and open your Binder rings.


    Design A is shown and is our most popular Photo Pocket Page design, but there are other options. The Big Variety Packs are great, and offer more options.

  • Project Life - Step 3

    Place the entire stack of Photo Pocket Pages in the Binder.


    All Big Packs of Photo Pocket Pages have 60 pages, which will fill a 12x12 binder nicely when the pages are full of photos + journaling cards + title cards. Keep in mind that adding a lot of bulky or dimensional items will result in thicker pages and then you may not be able to have all 60 pages fit as nicely into a single Binder. If you need to spread out into a couple of binders, that's perfectly fine. It's really your choice.

  • Project Life - Step 4

    Now all of your Photo Pocket Pages are loaded into the Binder.


    Don't let that 12x12 white box go to waste! It's a perfect size and great quality for storing other 12x12 page protectors or larger memorabilia.

  • Project Life - Step 5

    Next you are going to reach for your Core Kit and pull out all of the 4x6 and 3x4 cards that are specifically designed for the first page and last page of your album.


    There is no rule that says you have to use these cards on the first + last pages. These cards are designed to keep this project absolutely, completely simple for you. However, many do prefer to personalize the first page by including more photos than cards, for example, or using other embellishments.

  • Project Life - Step 6

    How do you know which cards are designed for your first page + last page? They will be indicated with a placement suggestion on the back of the card.

  • Project Life - Step 7

    The guide on the back of the first page + last page cards is only a suggestion, but if you don't want to think about it at all, just follow the guide, slip in your cards, and be done.

  • Project Life - Step 8

    This is what the first page will look like (until you personalize it).

  • Project Life - Step 9

    You will do the same thing for the last page of the album in terms of slipping the pre-designed cards in the pockets. The suggestions on the back of each card will take out the guesswork.


    This shows what it looks like from behind; the next slide shows the actual last page as it appears.

  • Project Life - Step 10

    This is what the last page will look like in your album.


    Just a reminder that you are seeing the Cherry Edition. Each edition of Project Life has its own style.

  • Project Life - Step 11

    Next, take out the stack of 4x6 title cards from your Core Kit.

  • Project Life - Step 12

    Slip a title card (any title card) into the upper left corner of each layout. You'll do this for every 2-page spread in your album. There is no suggested "order" in terms of where you place which cards. Some people like continuity and use the same design for a month's worth of layouts, for example. Some people prefer to mix it up so there is no rhyme or reason.


    Doing this now is part of "setting up" your album ahead of time, saving you steps later. But you certainly can keep the title cards in your Core Kit and insert the title cards one layout at a time as you work on them if that is what you prefer.

  • Project Life - Step 13

    Let's talk pictures. Say you want to create a layout per week in your Project Life album. Chances are you may want to print your photos in batches - a week at a time. The number of pictures you decide to print is up to you; typically this would be 7 photos because you already have a title card in one of the 4x6 pockets. In addition to pictures, don't forget to include any memorabilia from the week that is worth saving.


    As mentioned before, Design A is most common because most people take pictures in the horizontal format, most of the time. But there is absolutely room for flexibility with this, which is why there are several other Photo Pocket Page designs to choose from (see the options in our Products section).

  • Project Life - Step 16

    Slip each photo into a pocket wherever you'd like to see it on the page.

  • Project Life - Step 17

    All of the 3x4 Journaling Cards in the Core Kit come with lines or grid lines on one side. This is to guide you as you jot down memories and notes. Use any of the Journaling Cards you'd like. There are no rules about where you should use which designs.

  • Project Life - Step 19

    For each photo you include in your album, you can write a caption/anecdote/story. Don't have anything to say for one of the spots? No problem. That's what the filler designs are for - found on the back of each Journaling Card.


    The best kind of pen for journaling is the kind that you are most comfortable using. If you want to stick with archival and acid-free quality, you can find these at your local craft or art supply store (or online).

  • Project Life - Step 22

    Place the 3x4 Journaling Cards in the 3x4 pockets. I mean, seriously. Does this get any easier?

  • Project Life - Step 23

    As mentioned, there is a filler design on the back of every Journaling Card in your Core Kit. Choose one of these to add to the layout you're working on, if you'd like.

  • Project Life - Step 24

    Place the 3x4 filler card in any of the 3x4 pockets - IF you have an extra space to fill.


    Typically, you'll include the filler card somewhere on the left page and this is why: When looking at a 2-page spread, you will likely have a 4x6 title card in the upper left corner (because that is visually a very natural place to see a title before your eye leads to the rest of the layout). This leaves you with 3 photos for the left page. If you have 3 journaling cards on the left page, naturally you will have one space leftover. So with this kind of set-up, you would likely include your filler card somewhere on the LEFT page.

  • Project Life - Step 26

    You have now experienced the simplest form of scrapbooking EVER. You didn't crop, trim, glue, punch, hammer, emboss, distress... anything! And yet, look at the result. Beautiful scrapbook pages that are not only organized and easy to enjoy, but still very custom because of your photos and your written memories.

  • Project Life - Step 27

    Project Life is a back-to-basics approach to scrapbooking. It's all about your photos + your stories, and letting go of that pressure to do anything creative if you don't want. Get your memories into a book and feel GREAT about the results.


    Project Life is designed to be absolutely simple. Anyone can do this - older, younger, male or female, children... even those who have never done a bit of scrapbooking in their life. Of course Project Life is super flexible and appeals to many experienced scrapbookers as well. We see a lot of people adding all sorts of flair and creative touches to their Project Life, which is wonderful too!

  • Project Life - Getting Started

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